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We are truly happy you are here with us. We’re committed to be with you through every step of the therapeutic process.
As you begin, or continue, on your bridge to feeling better. 

Find out how to get started HERE

Bridge over a River

The Journey to Better Mental Health Begins on the Path to Self-Acceptance. Start Your Journey Today.


Meet our Therapists

Contact Us. To get started,

meet our therapists HERE to see who seems like the best match for your specific needs. Then please reach out to us directly to begin the process. 


Contact Insurance

We are out-of-network providers with most health insurance carriers. Please contact your provider directly to learn about your specific out-of-network mental health benefits.


Initial Consult 

This is where we get to know more about you and see if we're a good match. This is also the time for you to share how we may be of help, and collaborate with you about your goals for treatment. 


Begin Therapy

In our sessions, we will discuss your current challenges and goals and continually develop a clear plan forward toward positive change and personal healing. 

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